AI agents for content libraries

Help users find exactly what they need in your content library.

Mindset Al's agent talks to users, determines exactly what they're looking for, and serves up easy-to-digest slices of content.

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Users pay for your content library, but they can't find what they're looking for.

Built-in search relies on precise if they use the wrong phrasing, they won't find the right information.
They need to fight frustration as they sift through long documents and videos to find what they're looking for.
Users could use a standard chatbot, but it just regurgitates generic information out of context.

Mindset Al's agent instantly delivers accurate, personalised, specific answers directly from your content library.


Mindset Al talks with users to clarify what they need.

When users ask a question, the Al agent will engage in conversation to determine exactly what they're looking for... so they'll always get the best-fit answer.


Mindset Al gives an answer, plus a curated list of resources.

Our Al will surface the most relevant segments from all your:

• Videos
• PDF's
• Books
• Reports
• Images/charts
• Podcasts/audio one simple playlist that users can scroll through and save.


Mindset AI can run scenarios, and give feedback.

Capabilities allow our AI to interact like a human coach, offering different responses based on user's needs and preferences.

Product-led. Partner-driven.

We're not just about automation; it's about augmentation. Powering 1000s of enterprise workplaces, learning and knowledge sharing with new AI team members

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Analytics & Insights
See how users are engaging with your content.
Adjustable UI & Branding
Match the chatbot experience to your product.
Mindset connects to all your content sources.
Mindset automatically updates whenever you revise your content library.
Selective Access
Choose which parts of your knowledge base Mindset can access.
Behaviour Adjustment
Fine-tune your chatbot to fit exactly what you need.

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