Conversational AI for content libraries

Deploy AI agents to turn your extensive content and learning libraries into easily accessible knowledge

AI transforms your webinars, recordings, and documents into transcriptions, summaries and segments, making it easy for users to find what they need when they need it, via an agent in channels such as Slack and Teams.

Over 1,000 companies already support and enable their teams on a Mindset AI application

Make managing content easy and help users find what they need instantly

Make every piece of content easy to find
Mindset's AI transcribes, indexes, identifies speakers, and organises content into segments, ensuring admins never have to waste time on manual tagging again.
Help users get instant answers
No need to waste time searching through 100’s of hrs of content. Mindset's learning agent delivers content segments directly in Teams or Slack, ensuring users find what they need when they need it, without context switching.
Give each client their own agent
Merge your valuable expertise with your clients' own content and documentation to create permission-aware agents tailored to each client's specific needs.

Media Experience

Transform content into engaging media experiences

Mindset offers a media player that adapts to all formats, turning your content into relevant, engaging segments, helping users find what they need and ensuring every piece of media reaches its maximum potential.


Just ask for the knowledge or content you need

Agents facilitate the content search, taking users directly to the precise moments in videos or articles that address their questions, ensuring content is always relevant.

Question & Answering

Make the most of your company's knowledge

Turn your unstructured learning, content, and knowledge bases into an AI knowledge base agent, so that your users or customers can ask questions and receive detailed answers based on your how-tos, comparisons, and more.


Make your knowledge available anytime, anywhere

With Mindset's APIs, SDKs, and a wide range of integrations, place your permission-aware agents into platforms like Slack and Teams to ensure your content is easily accessible where people work and spend their time, enhancing engagement and value.

Built on secure, enterprise-level LLMs, designed to protect your IP & data

Protecting your IP is our top priority. Mindset AI was built from the ground up by a team with over a
century of experience building a world-leading enterprise technology platform.
Our ringfenced LLMs never train on your data
Zero Trust Security
No one is blindly trusted until they have been validated.
Benefit from up-to-date AI capabilities.
GDPR Compliant
Full adherence to EU's data protection regulations.

Deployment on your terms

Choose between a seamless integration with your current setup or a complete full-stack solution that operates independently.
Fully white-labelled platform

Mindset provides customers with their own white-labelled, customisable platform to build, deploy, manage, and access agents.


Mindset's API and SDK allow developers to integrate the power of Mindset agents into company applications, such as intranet customer service portals or SaaS applications, for their end-users.

Get more from your content libraries

Improve your content accessibility with Mindset's AI knowledge agents. Deploy AI-powered agents to transform your extensive content libraries into easily navigable knowledge hubs.

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