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Mindset AI is leading the
engagement revolution

Transform behaviour for the better with Mindset AI, the digital engagement platform that reimagines how businesses interact with their people. Connect with the people crucial to your success on their terms and embed new behaviours that endure over time. Achieve exceptional retention rates of up to 60-80% after 30 days, far surpassing the industry average of under 10%. A new world of mobile-first engagement awaits. 🚀

Put your brand in their hands

Scale your business with a fully-configurable, mobile-first platform that can be accessed from any device, anywhere. No need for tech consultants or developers. Simply choose the modules you need. With all your tools and data in one place, you'll save time and have easy access to insights for improvement.

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AI-driven personalisation

Mindset AI delivers content to the right person, at the right time. Your AI-powered platform understands each person's likes, dislikes, interests, and motivations, delivering more relevant content for longer-lasting engagement. Mindset empowers platforms that adapt to people, not the other way around.

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Craft unforgettable, magical experiences

Design personalised, flexible, and interactive learning experiences that utilise multimedia. With Mindset's AI and machine learning, simply upload your content and let us do the rest - delivering, analysing, and optimising to drive the most impactful engagement. Create memorable moments that drive positive behavioural change.

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Productise expertise for efficient scaling

Transform your services into a scalable, revenue-generating product. Gain deeper insights, save time and resources, and unlock new growth opportunities. Turn your best practices into digital, scalable courses and programmes for effortless upselling. Mindset unlocks your expertise, enabling your team to reach more people, learn more, and expand your offerings.

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Monitor engagement with enterprise-level analytics

Make data-driven decisions with ease, using bespoke dashboards that turn complex information into actionable insights. Monitor engagement without a team of data scientists and keep data secure with anonymous and secure storage. Understand people’s preferences and improve your programmes and new product opportunities.

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Future-proof your business

Let our team of tech enthusiasts help you navigate the rapidly changing business landscape. We're constantly exploring technologies like NLP models, Deepfake, Human-Machine Interface, VR, and Big Data. Stay ahead of the curve with a future-proof platform and benefit from new workflows and the latest technological advancements.

Expertise x Passion

With a heart for growth, we bring tech expertise, big ideas, and a plan for scaling to every project. Not just infrastructure providers, we're a passionate partner dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We promise to help you navigate AI and automation with confidence.

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Streamlining the messy middle:
A better way to manage your online tools

Many businesses have started digital transformation, but face challenges with the "messy middle" of business functions that rely on manual processes and outdated systems, leading to disjointed workflows, data silos and limited visibility. Mindset AI streamlines the process with a single solution that prioritises delivering a seamless experience for the people you engage with.

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But don’t just take our word for this…

Jacqui Bateson

Jacqui Bateson

Managing Director, HACT


Partnering with Mindset AI has transformed us into a digital-first business with agile product development and improved customer engagement, leading to increased customer accounts and a scalable recurring revenue model.

Theresa Caragol

Theresa Caragol

Founder and CEO, AchieveUnite


We want to scale and help more people faster using our Partnering Quotient Index and Mindset AI makes this possible. Everyone in the team at Mindset is an expert in their craft and their commitment to client success is a cornerstone to their own success. This platform is game-changing.

Transform your services into a scalable, revenue-generating product by launching your own platform within weeks.

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