Create AI agents in seconds using simple language.

Give your team AI subject matter experts for every task to help them get instant answers, write, brainstorm, and explore ideas—all using information from your workplace apps.

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Your team wastes time searching for information and doing repetitive tasks instead of impactful work.

Employees get frustrated as they search for information across workplace apps, needing to know where it's stored, then log in, and use exact keywords.
They struggle with specific tasks and hitting non-stop deadlines, constantly interrupting colleagues for help or relying on generic AI and search engines.
Most tasks involve hours of repetitive comparing, copying, and standardizing information, forcing employees into time-wasting processes with no alternative.

Mindset AI’s agents give your team a single chat interface to use knowledge from all your workplace apps.


Mindset AI lets any employee create agents for specific tasks by describing them in simple language.

Create AI agents from scratch or use our templates for tasks like answering FAQs, writing content, and analyzing feedback. Define your agent's purpose, personality, rules, and appearance using simple language—no technical expertise needed.


Mindset AI lets you control which knowledge your agents access.

Curate custom knowledge banks by ingesting help centre articles, sales call recordings, policies, proposals, articles and more from your:

• Intranet

• Knowledge bases

• Shared drives

• And other workplace apps

Assign these to any AI agent, ensuring they're always trusted, up-to-date subject matter experts for your team.


Mindset AI gives employees the information they need to complete tasks.

When employees ask a question, the AI agent will engage in conversation to determine exactly what they’re looking for, surface the most relevant source content... so they’ll always get the best answer from your workplace applications.


Mindset AI lets employees describe any process as simple steps for agents to follow.

Our agents follow the steps your team describe to:

• Give coaching and support  
• Compare information sets & make changes
• Follow templates for RFPs, articles, emails and more
• Assist with ideation
• Onboard team members
• and much more

....allowing employees to finally focus on high-value work.


Mindset AI lets employees choose the fastest and most capable AI model for each task.

No need for employees to have licenses to GPT-4o, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, Gemini 1.5 pro and more — Mindset lets them select the best model so that they can confidently complete tasks during the conversation.

Get in the Mindset:

Create an agent
Mindset automatically updates to keep your knowledge in sync.
Selective Access
Choose which parts of your knowledge base Mindset can access.
Agent Controls
Fine-tune your agent to fit exactly what you need and give it access to any LLM. No coding required.
Mindset connects to all your workplace applications.
Analytics & Insights
See how employees are engaging with your content.
Security & Performance Testing
Track agent bias, monitor performance, and run tests at scale before giving your team access.

But don't take our word for it...

Most companies write generic case studies and ask customers to put their names against them. That's why all our testimonials are videos with real people saying real stuff about Mindset.

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