Transform your business into a tech-driven powerhouse

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Launch your own branded platform that fits your business needs within 6 weeks

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Make better decisions and gain a competitive advantage with data-driven insights

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Monetise your offering more effectively through recurring revenue streams and upselling

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Transform your business

Mindset AI provides you one branded, fully configurable and easy-to-use platform for your workshops, micro-learning, online content, surveys, psychometric tests, 360s, communities, client reporting, engagement tracking and much more.

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Helping you save time and be efficient
​​Mindset AI automates the most time-consuming tasks in your business so you can focus on the people and customers who count.
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Providing a smarter customer experience
​​The platform delivers a highly personalised and unique experience to each user. Our AI engine learns from what a user engages with most and can adjust their experience accordingly - showing more relevant content to keep their engagement high.
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Giving you the data you need to achieve your ambitions
​​Our bespoke dashboards combine data gathering, data storage, and knowledge management with data analysis to evaluate and transform complex data into meaningful, actionable information to drive your business strategy or report to customers.

A simple and intuitive process


We take time to learn your service delivery process, brand identity and future goals.

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We quickly digitise and configure your offer and methodology into one platform.

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We teach your team how to manage and utilise the platform - no tech background required.

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Wouldn't it be easy if one platform did everything your team needs?

One platform provides a truly connected customer experience that end-users can access via mobile, web, tablets and even wearables.

Run workshops

Our facilitation functionality supports a 1:1 or group workshop process - either remote or in-person. Manage any session that delivers engaging content for your users to interact with over time. Invite users and control how you publish content for them before, during and after your session, keeping them engaged long after the workshop has ended.

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Build surveys and 360 assessments

Flexible surveys can be used to deliver anything from complex psychometric assessments and 360 reviews to simply asking users a few simple questions to learn more about them.

Build surveys and 360 assessments

Host online chat groups

Support hybrid learning and build communities with 1:1 or group chat. Create engaging conversation by sending relevant content to users to create discussion points.

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Receive instant reporting and tracking

Our business intelligence dashboards provide you with a 360 degree view of every single end-user, their preferences and how to best help them.

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Schedule daily check ins and reflections

Allow users to check in daily and observe their patterns and reflections to encourage positive behavioural change and inform business decisions.

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Mindset AI vs an overload of tools

Mindset AI replaces your current tools, providing a scalable and cost-efficient alternative. Stop paying thousands to numerous different software providers. Our all-in-one configurable platform is the most comprehensive solution for your business.

An overload of tools
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Difficult and time-consuming to manage

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Poor customer experience

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Little customer engagement

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Minimal branding

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Mindset Al
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Your brand at the forefront

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Configurable to your needs - no developers needed

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Personalised content for each user

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Ongoing support

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Regular changes keeping you ahead of your competition

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Customer insights to make your business more powerful

Why Us?

Why shouldn’t I hire a development team?

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On average, we’re 3-6 times cheaper than hiring a development team

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Our monthly fees cover technical support and ongoing maintenance costs, which often far exceed the initial development fees

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The process with Mindset AI takes weeks rather than months or years

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We have the highest levels of security, saving you time, money and the stress of making a security plan

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Mindset AI offers you a team beyond developers - our customers love working with our designers and customer success team once they’ve got their own platform!


But don’t just take our word for this…

Jacqui Bateson

Jacqui Bateson

Managing Director,


Pre-Mindset, our product development relied on manual intervention and spreadsheets and was unscalable and inefficient. It was a challenge to create customer experience and navigation excellence. Partnering with Mindset AI has enabled us to grow into a digital first business where agile product development has become the norm. The way in which our customers interact with us is changing for the better. The number of customer accounts we manage from our platform is growing day by day to levels we had not anticipated so soon in our transformation. Customers now engage with our products & tools, which enables them to have an amazing experience using just one platform. Automated reporting saves our team time and we have been successfully moving customers over to a scalable recurring revenue model.

Theresa Caragol

Theresa Caragol

Founder and CEO,


We want to scale and help more people faster using our Partnering Quotient Index and Mindset AI makes this possible. Everyone in the team at Mindset is an expert in their craft and their commitment to client success is a cornerstone to their own success. This platform is game-changing.

Replace your current tools with our scalable and cost efficient alternative today.

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