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Build the future, self-serve workplace. With AI Agents.

Mindset AI enables enterprises to build, deploy and manage AI co-workers that automate processes across functions. Watch as they collaborate to answer queries, raise support tickets, book holidays and so much more.

Over 1,000 companies already support and enable their teams on a Mindset AI application

Building the AI workforce of the future

Re-imagining the workplace with AI co-workers who collaborate to give your team back time. Start with one use case and expand across any department.
  • Policy query automation
  • Onboarding and development assistance
  • Holiday management automation
  • Automated software provisioning
  • Simplified account access
  • Efficient technical troubleshooting
  • Automated expense management & purchase approvals
  • Proactive policy communication
  • Simplified invoicing & vendor management
Learning & Development
  • Personalised content recommendations
  • Automated skill gap analysis
  • On-Demand Digital Coaching
  • Automated lead management & CRM updates
  • Proactive deal progress notifications
  • Content generation & instant data access

Product-led. Partner-driven.

Empowering hundreds of enterprise workplaces with learning and knowledge-sharing through AI co-workers.

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Easily build AI co-workers for specific use cases

Mindset AI's full-stack foundation allows you to build agents for every department and use case. From HR and IT to Sales and Support, you can develop permission-aware experts with specific capabilities, integrations, personalities, and so much more.

Connect agents to specific knowledge and break down team silos

Mindset's agents do more than just find the right data—they understand it in real time. Each agent is connected to the knowledge required for their specific roles, enabling them to provide answers and fetch what people need, based on their permissions.

Provide each agent with the tools needed to automate specific roles, tasks, and processes

Enable actions or the automation of entire processes through simple conversation. Equip each agent with the necessary tools for their role and integrate these into your core systems – from tools to analyse policies and onboard individuals, to much more.

Manage your AI co-workers from your control centre

Designed for enterprises, the Mindset AI platform enables you to manage, monitor, and report on AI performance, costs, and risks. It allows tracking of agent performance, utilisation, knowledge gaps, usage, and bias, ensuring compliance.

Built on secure, enterprise-level LLMs, designed to protect your IP & data

Protecting your IP is our top priority. Mindset AI was built from the ground up by a team with over a
century of experience building a world-leading enterprise technology platform.
Our ringfenced LLMs never train on your data.
Zero Trust Security
No one is blindly trusted until they have been validated.
Benefit from up-to-date AI capabilities.
GDPR Compliant
Full adherence to EU's data protection regulations.

Deployment on your terms

Choose between a seamless integration with your current setup or a complete full-stack solution that operates independently.
Fully white-labelled platform

Mindset provides customers with their own white-labelled, customisable platform to build, deploy, manage, and access agents.


Mindset's API and SDK allow developers to integrate the power of Mindset agents into company applications, such as intranet customer service portals or SaaS applications, for their end-users.


 We don’t just build software. We’re here to make learners and employees' lives easier. Good software
adapts to people and creates business results. From onboarding to launch, our team can support you
every step of the way. But don’t just take our word for it.

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