embeddable, White-labelled agent platform

Fix your broken search so users can finally find what they need.

Integrate an AI content discovery agent into your website or platform, instantly enabling users or employees to access all your content.

Your success depends on users finding what they need, but search is broken.

Users spend hours searching for content.
Adding more content adds to the ‘search’ problem.
You wonder, "What do my users need?"

Add your stamp to our pre-built and tested AI use cases in minutes. Integrate into your product within a week.

Define Use Case
Describe what the agent will do for a specific customer or user group.
Plan Content Access
Give the agent access to specific content or knowledge bases, not everything.
Design Prompts and Capabilities
Choose the prompts and capabilities the agent will have.
Start Content Ingestion
Our ingestion API indexes your content and adds it to your knowledge graph.
Integrate our white-labelled administration portal and user interface into your product.
Access Analytics
Track how users interact with your agent, including every question asked, to improve the experience and address knowledge gaps.

See Agents in action

Watch our CPO, Jack, giving a quick demo of agents in action

Give your users instant answers with our embeddable, white-labelled content discovery agent.


A guided content discovery agent for every customer or user

Guided content discovery agents ask users questions to figure out what they need, making it easy to find the right content fast, without spending hours searching.


Answers that users can trust without having to cross-check

Agents fetch source content, providing users with reliable answers and allowing them to access detailed information instantly, without needing to skim documents or skip videos.


Give agents key steps to follow to complete specific use cases

Capabilities let you pre-define the steps, input/output instructions, and tools that an agent should use to achieve a specific goal or task, using simple English instead of coding.

Product-led. Partner-driven.

We're not just about automation; it's about augmentation. Powering 1000s of enterprise workplaces, learning
and knowledge sharing with new AI team members

Don’t let your content gather dust.

Integrate an AI content discovery agent into your website or platform in days.

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