All the functionality you need to engage your end-users with your services

With our mobile-first platform, it's as simple as turning on the modules you need, and configuring them to create your own branded application that works across phones, web, tablets and even wearables.

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Your platform, your brand. Create a great first impression and deliver a user experience that represents your brand.

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Our welcome module is the perfect opportunity to excite your end-users about their experience and highlight the key features that lie ahead.

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Our onboarding module is the first opportunity to ask your end-users a few short questions and learn about them at the start of their engagement with your platform.

Brand your users' experience
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Apply your brand to every part of the users' experience. That means everything from imagery, colour and even tone of voice.

Your own mobile and web platform
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Mindset AI allows you to create your own branded Platform that users can download or access from any device.

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Content is the key to building meaningful relationships with your end-users. Mindset is powered by AI and machine learning, meaning your end-users will only ever see content that is relevant to their interests.

Content feeds
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You decide which content to share out to your end-users, with everyone having their own news feed to engage with the content.

Learning journeys
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Educate end-users and stakeholders by creating micro-courses. You can even add downloadable content and surveys.

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Our news announcements allow you to broadcast to all your end-users within your platform or an individual account.

Content rating
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Your users are able to rate content you create, enabling you to get an even deeper insight into what’s working and what's not.

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Tech is great, but it can’t replace 1:1 human interaction. Our belief is that technology should focus on helping you scale, whilst your people should focus on doing the things they’re best at. Interacting and supporting each other.

1:1 chat
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Support hybrid learning and encourage engagement by enabling 1:1 chat.

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A flexible way to engage users through a facilitated process - be that a 1:1 or group coaching process or workshop.

Circle communities
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Enable groups of people to come together and communicate around a topic, department or project.

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With so many unique ways of delivering content, it’s only right that you have the flexibility of adding multiple content formats to support your service delivery and to maintain engagement with your end-users.

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Create your own video content or link videos from YouTube, Google or any other platform.

Text-based content
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No need to write all your content from scratch, simply pull in your existing blogs or articles or create it in the platform if you wish.

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Surveys allow you to learn more about and engage with your user base or stakeholders. You can create any type of survey with our many question types.

Downloadable documentation
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Support your end users learning journeys with downloadable content.

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Understand exactly how your end-users are feeling, then make sure they see content which will reflect their mood.

Daily check-ins
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Create positive behavioural change by encouraging users to check in and update their mindset each day.

Personality assessments
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Discover a user's values and behavioural patterns by configuring your own personality surveys.

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Allow users to journal, self-assess, or record their thoughts on specific topics related to any content.

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The unique power of Mindset AI is that you’re able to provide and manage branded versions of your platform for your clients.

Manage organisations into accounts
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Set up accounts for each of your customers in order to group their users and deliver a customised experience.

Account administration
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Account admins can independently administer their account and invite people.

Account content and announcements
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Account admins can independently manage and deliver content within their account.

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Our business intelligence dashboards help provide you with a 360-degree view of every single end-user, their preferences and how to best help them. This is something normally reserved for the biggest companies in the world.

Data and insights
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You won't need an entire team of data scientists to monitor engagement, we provide you with analytics to better serve your end-users.

Manage your own data
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We’ve connected the Mindset platform with a business intelligence platform to make it easy for you to understand and create reports for clients.

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Our data and insights will provide you with recommendations on where your attention is needed the most.

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We help you scale your offering - with your very own platform that can be downloaded on the app store or accessed via the web. You can finally say goodbye to manually delivering your service and managing engagement with end-users over 10+ digital touchpoints. Instead, Mindset helps you automate, digitise and scale your business. You will receive regular new features and updates from us - all without the risk of having to code, build a dev team or go for investment!

White label
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Provide your own customers with their very own platform, all by white-labelling your own!

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You won't need an entire team of data scientists to monitor engagement, we provide you with analytics like Facebook.

Scale your IP
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Your IP is your unique method for delivering services, this is a place for you to scale that IP and protect it.

Fresh software, forever
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We give you continuous code updates, managed by an amazing expert team and all without the worry of doing it yourself.

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