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For companies who want to get started making money from their content.

Up to 500 monthly active users
AI Assistant & Search
Netflix-style Content Catalogue
1 admin
50 Hours Content Uploaded/ pm
50,000 AI messages/ pm
1 onboarding session
Live Chat Support
Mindset Academy Access
+£5 per user per month



For companies who want to grow with their own mobile & web app.

Up to 2000 monthly active users
Your own mobile app
AI Assistant & Search
Netflix-style Content Catalogue
AI Analytics
3 admins
75 Hours Content Uploaded/ pm
100,000 AI messages/ pm
3 onboarding sessions
Solutions Mapping
+£5 per user per month



For established companies who have specific needs and a large user base.

Unlimited monthly active users
Full white label 
Unlimited Upload
Unlimited Streaming
Unlimited Messages
Implementation Manager
Dedicated Success Executive
Personalised Onboarding
Talk to Sales
Gain Value Immediately

Mindset AI is designed to be intuitive and efficient. Simply drag and drop your content onto the platform, so you can focus on what you do best: delivering quality content.

No Hidden Costs, No Surprises

We believe in transparent pricing. What you see is what you get. And if you have any questions, our team is here to help. It's simple: Choose your plan, upload your content, and let our AI do the rest. No tech expertise required. Got Questions? We're here to help.

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Every day you wait, you're missing out on potential revenue. With Mindset AI, you're not just organising content; you're transforming it into a revenue-generating asset.

Turn every piece of content into a potential revenue source.

The digital content landscape is evolving rapidly. Mindset helps you stay ahead of the curve.

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