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Our story

Mindset AI was born out of a conversation on the steps of Web Summit 2019 in Portugal.

Barrie Hadfield and Wic Verhoef were enjoying a drink together, discussing software design. They had opposing views on how the design for an app they had been working on should look.

Barrie argued that design should evolve from structured A/B testing. The only way to get there would be to start with personas, test what resonated, and, through a build-measure-learn process, eliminate the weaker choices and repeat.  

Wic, a machine learning expert, wondered if they didn’t need to decide and could postpone the design decisions. Could they get data on what their audience would prefer before eliminating the B from the test group?

Their conversation led to three realisations:

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A/B testing

A/B testing has an inherent limit as it only ever creates an increasingly better average page. Traditional A/B tests likely hide critical information, which, combined with personalisation, allows you to deliver something relevant to everyone.

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ML can discover personas and automatically customise their experience by modifying the software in real time.

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Always on, relentless machine learning is perfect for optimising key SaaS outcomes such as engagement and retention.

Essentially, the software can adapt to people instead of people adapting to the software.

Since our inception, Mindset AI has been driven by a simple vision: to humanise the process of digitisation. We believe that technology should be designed with people in mind, understanding what users are trying to achieve. As we scale, our developers continue to write code that is easy to use and our designers work hard to improve the user experience. At the same time, we are always thinking about ways to make our technology more accessible and helpful for people.

Thanks to that conversation on the stairs, businesses all over the world now have the ability to build their own digital platform and benefit from the power of artificial intelligence.

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Our guiding principles

Here at Mindset AI we believe that every team member is an invaluable partner in fulfilling our mission to scale expertise. Mindset AI doesn’t have a clear hierarchy; we value our team and their unique contributions.

With the right people, success is inevitable which is why our business is built upon incredible talent. Our team feels comfortable discussing ideas and empowered to create anything they believe will help our company succeed. We rely on each other to push boundaries, take risks, and embrace change.

Together, we are building something special – something that will have a lasting impact on the world.

Our three guiding principles form the foundations of our vision for our team and relationships with customers.


Our team has the freedom to work in a way that suits them best and to do more of what they enjoy. We want them to feel empowered to take on tasks that challenge them and help them develop.

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A shared purpose

Every day we’re reminded of the positive impact our platform has on our partners and customers. Our team is determined to ensure our customers get the most from our platform and that more people are able to scale expertise over time.

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Moral compass

We look to add value through meaningful relationships with our customers. We help them in any way possible beyond our platform and always do our best to do the right thing for them. We base this principle around trust, fairness, and respect.

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