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Why HR Leaders chose Mindset AI

The world’s first generative AI Co-pilot for HR: atlas. Powered by HR Leaders. Built on Mindset AI.

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HR Leaders is soft launching atlas to select members on the 7th of December and is expected to launch fully in early 2024. Sign up for the waitlist here.

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Every HR question answered. Just ask atlas.

HR Leaders, the top online learning platform for HR professionals, offers access to world-class experts and executives from leading global brands through live events, podcasts, summits, and panels.

Years of content, answers in seconds.

Ask atlas any HR question and get instant answers from years of co-created content. atlas is trained on HR Leaders' complete library, including 500+ documents and 10,000+ videos and podcasts. Built on top of Mindset AI’s industry-leading LLMs, HR professionals can chat with atlas as they would a person and get relevant, trusted answers in seconds.

"atlas represents a new era of HR. Our team at HR Leaders has worked closely with Mindset AI and hundreds of HR professionals to create an AI assistant that embodies the HR industry. atlas is powered by the voices and insights of industry experts from leading global brands, ensuring you access trusted, community-driven knowledge. It's a game-changer, and we're excited to share it with you."

Chris Rainey
CEO & Co-founder, HR Leaders

Integrating Mindset AI’s advanced AI capabilities with HR Leaders

Unlocking a decade of HR Leaders knowledge

Automated tagging
Mindset AI automatically tags, transcribes, and indexes content for efficiency.
Chat and brainstorm
Users can engage with atlas on any HR topic.
Discoverable knowledge
HR Leaders can consolidate extensive content, including articles, podcasts, and videos, in one platform, making it easily discoverable and conversational at scale.
Flexible admin controls
Tailor atlas to provide accurate knowledge through an intuitive interface.
AI-powered livestreams
Enable HR Leaders to create engaging content directly on the platform.
HR copilot
atlas boosts daily productivity by assisting in HR learning.

"Our mission at Mindset AI has always been to create software that simplifies lives and provides businesses with a competitive edge through advanced AI. Our partnership with HR Leaders, the leading online platform for HR professionals, merges our AI expertise with their industry leadership. Together, our goal is to reshape the future of HR, enhancing its efficiency, knowledge base, and accessibility for all."

Barrie Hadfield
CEO & Co-founder, Mindset AI

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