Conversational AI AGENTs for HR Teams

AI-powered HR help-desk

From hire to retire, Mindset removes all the friction from your employee lifecycle processes. Let AI agents automate the HR busywork, so you can stop worrying about software and start focusing more on people.

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Transform your HR team with AI agents for specific tasks, jobs and workflows

Refocus HR on what truly matters
Buried under admin tasks, your HR team needs space to drive real impact. Mindset AI's automation clears the way for strategic work such as hiring and retaining top talent.
Direct answers to HR questions, day or night
Eliminate the search for HR information. Mindset AI centralises HR answers, providing employees with a singular, accessible point for all their questions.
First impressions count
Ensure every new hire's introduction is thorough yet effortless. Streamline the onboarding process with Mindset AI, allowing HR to focus on personal touches that make new employees feel truly part of the team from day one.

Employee Benefits Questions

Make employee benefits more accessible

Simplify how your team accesses information about their benefits, well-being, and parental leave. Provide clear, instant answers to their questions, helping them make the most of what's offered without any hassle.

Learning & Talent Management Questions

Growth and development made easier

Give your team the tools to inquire about learning plans, job vacancies, and advancement paths on their own terms.

Automated, Conversational Onboarding

Streamline onboarding and offboarding

Simplify the transition for new starters and leavers with a conversational approach to onboarding and offboarding. Centralise all their inquiries to ensure a seamless changeover, capturing crucial details efficiently.

Identify knowledge gaps

Identify and fill knowledge gaps instantly

Leverage real-time tracking of interactions to identify and address knowledge gaps instantly. Make informed decisions that enhance the effectiveness of your HR strategies.

(Beta) Automate core HR tasks

HR tasks? Just ask and it’s done

Change how employees interact with HR by automating key tasks like sick leave queries, personal detail updates, or equipment requests. Employees simply ask, and the agent completes the task, simplifying the process and saving time for both employees and the HR team.

Built on secure, enterprise-level LLMs, designed to protect your IP & data

Protecting your IP is our top priority. Mindset AI was built from the ground up by a team with over a
century of experience building a world-leading enterprise technology platform.
Our ringfenced LLMs never train on your data
Zero Trust Security
No one is blindly trusted until they have been validated.
Benefit from up-to-date AI capabilities.
GDPR Compliant
Full adherence to EU's data protection regulations.

Deployment on your terms

Choose between a seamless integration with your current setup or a complete full-stack solution that operates independently.
Fully white-labelled platform

Mindset provides customers with their own white-labelled, customisable platform to build, deploy, manage, and access agents.


Mindset's API and SDK allow developers to integrate the power of Mindset agents into company applications, such as intranet customer service portals or SaaS applications, for their end-users.

Save hours with AI that automates everyday
HR tasks

Discover how Mindset AI can automate your HR processes, making room for strategic initiatives that enhance workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

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