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How HACT moved their customers to a scalable recurring revenue model with Mindset AI

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HACT is a charity that provides social value insights for housing organisations. They help measure the social impact of projects that affect people’s lives in local communities. However, manual processes made it difficult for the business to scale and remain sustainable. Mindset AI was adopted to improve their traditional processes and provide personalised customer experiences.

We spoke to Jacqui Bateson, Managing director at HACT to learn more about the impact of using Mindset platform to drive scalability and sustainability.

The challenge

The pandemic changed the way most businesses function and HACT was no exception. Before Mindset, there were two major challenges that HACT needed to address:

  • The shift in their customer behaviour demanded change in their current processes which mostly required human intervention.
  • With very little experience in digitising within the business, it was crucial for HACT to find a cost-effective solution that enabled them to digitally transform while helping them grow and be more sustainable as a business.

Why HACT chose Mindset AI

One of the barriers with digital transformation for HACT was bringing their team together on the journey. HACT needed a proactive partner who would understand their business priorities and engage their stakeholders.

"We knew we had a winner in the initial discovery meeting where Mindset engaged all the stakeholders and asked us all the right “Mindset helped us build a purposeful and clear vision board which made a difference right"

  • Mindset provided HACT support throughout the initial concept, the design, development, testing as well as customer engagement.
  • Mindset’s vision and discovery process helped HACT engage their stakeholders and navigate in the right direction.

Mindset AI’s discovery and vision process

Mindset’s discovery and vision process is designed to understand the key objectives and potential issues in order to facilitate the best customer experience.

"Mindset helped us build a purposeful and clear vision board which made a difference right from the beginning”

  • The process helped HACT create a clear and purposeful vision board and make their key objectives easily achievable.
  • Mindset challenged HACT at every step by asking right questions that helped them gain a broader perspective at potential issues.
  • Mindset played a crucial role in collaborating and gathering customer information and that helped them build personalised customer journeys and make the launch of the Social Value Insight tool successful in the future and save time.

Mindset AI’s solution

The vision for Mindset and HACT together was to maximise the value that organisations can get using social value as a means to drive better social and environmental outcomes.

"Many of our products rely on data input from partner organisations and with Mindset, the process has been simplified and they have the ability to put information directly to the platform. It is a gamechanger!”

  • Mindset helped create personal interactions which help HACT understand their customer behaviour once they are on the platform.
  • The Social Value Insight tool was developed in a way that the repeatable framework used in the tool could be utilised to develop other tools in the future which would be both cost and time effective.
  • With most of the processes being automated, Mindset helped HACT simplify customer experiences for the Social Value Insight tool.

The outcome

"As a result of our strong partnership with Mindset, the feedback received from our customers after the launch of the Social Value Insight tool has been outstanding. What our customers value the most is the experience they get and how easy it is to use”

  • With Mindset, HACT configured a platform just within 6 weeks which now drives customer engagement through personalised experiences.
  • Just 2 months after implementing their own platform, HACT was able to save 5 days a month and upsell 80 customers into managed accounts.
  • HACT has now captured more data than ever which is helping them overcome inefficiencies.
  • They have moved to recurring revenue models enabling them to make £800k+ and achieve scalability.
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